live our lifestyle...follow our dreams and
just be Hawaiians
— Sam Choy, Hawaiian Chef
Keynote address
2018 MNHCoC Business Fest


MNHCoC Events are Live Again!
...with the statewide and county COVID-19 restrictions lifted -Welcome Back!
We are already preparing the following in-person Events (details coming soon):
  • Fall 2022 Hui Holomua, full-day Business Fest conference.

Ua Pau...
  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022, starts at 5:30pm
  • Annual Meeting/Hawaiian Plate Dinner/Keynote Speaker: (in-person)
      Harry & Jeanette Weinburg Family Center
      Maui Economic Opportunity Classroom
      99 Mahalani St, Wailuku

- 2022 Annual Mtg/Board Elections (Membership in-person)
Dinner, Keynote Speaker and Board Elections by the general membership, in-person. Come help select your Chamber leaders.

We were blessed and honored to have Kumu Kaponoʻai Molitau as our KeyNote Speaker for this years in-person Annual Meeting. Kumu Kaponoʻai Molitau was born on the island of Oʻahu and raised traditionally with the cultural guidance of one of Hawaiiʻs leading authorities in Hula and Chant his makua hānai, the late Kumu Hula, John Keola Lake. His wisdom and guidance instilled years of cultural grounding and culminated in Kaponoʻais ʻuniki as Kumu Hula in 1994. His hālau hula training and traditions come from the hula lineage of Kumu Hula Maiki Aiu Lake of Oʻahu and Kaʻehukaikaae of Maui. His Oli training and traditions come from Kumu Hula, John Keola Lake which was trained by Kumu Hula, Edith Kanakaole of Hawaiʻi and Kaʻehukaikaae of Maui.

Kumu Kapono‘ai has dedicated his life to fulfilling this kuleana not only for today’s generation, but for seven generations which Kumu Lake has said, is the amount of generations needed to ensure that indigenous knowledge is successfully perpetuated and thrives. In 2003, Kumu Kapono‘ai co-founded Nā Hanona Kūlike ʻO Piʻilani (Nā Hanona), a Maui hālau (traditional Hawaiian school) which teaches hula (dance) and oli (chant). Unlike other hālau in Hawai‘i, Nā Hanona specializes in raising the next generation of kahuna pule (prayer practitioners) whose focus is on the spiritual connection of people and ‘āina (land). In order to conduct this particular practice, Kealaka‘ihonua Heiau, located in Waihe‘e, Maui, was selected as the Hawaiian cultural site in which a traditional school for Hawaiian cultural practitioners can exist.

Another completely separate facet to Kumu Kaponoʻai is as owner of Native Intelligence LLC, a Cultural resource center disguised as a retail store in the heart of Wailuku Town. Here's a video segment produced by HiNow Hawaii and OHA Malama Loans.

Ua Pau...

Bobby Pahia, Taro Farmer...
  • Thursday, Apr 28, 2022
  • Tram Station -Maui Tropical Plantation, Waikapū

We were honored and enthralled to have Bobby Pahia and some of his team members share his story with us at the inaugural in-person event of 2022. Bobby is the farm manager of Hawaii Taro Farm LLC supplying dozens of restaurants on island with several varieties of kalo and other crops. Today Bobby grows two-dozen heirloom kalo varieties in Waikapū, including mana ‘ulu, the popular Maui lehua, and the rare ele‘ele naioea.

Born and raised in rural O‘ahu, the green-thumbed Hawaiian moved to Maui in the 1980s to work for the University of Hawai‘i’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. Growing up, his friends all had to work on taro farms after school — there was no way he would do that kind of hard labor. Nope. Not happening. Never. Bobby refused to be a taro farmer. In his 30s, something changed. “ whole mission is to get taro and poi back on people’s tables. Right now today, it’s a luxury item. Another one of my missions is to build biology back in the soil,” says Pahia, “We want to make the taro industry sustainable and affordable.

In addition to Hawaii Taro Farm, Bobby’s extensive farming experience and vision has him serving as a mentor/leader for farmers and others. Bobby is the interim-president of the Mauna Kahalawai Chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United. He is managing 310-acre Hoaloha Farms and another roughly 300 acres of farmland owned by developer Mike Atherton (as part of 2,000 acres of a planned mixed-use community called “Waikapu Country Town”) Bobby then subleases between 1 and 13 acres to about eight individual farmers.

The intention isn’t to hoard 300 acres,” he said. “I know how hard it is to get land and water. Long-term leases and water security are a hard thing to come by. Hard work, endurance and passion are essentials to farming”.

Delicious Dinner was provided by Cafe O'Lei at the Mill House.

EVERY FALL, MNHCoC hosts its ANNUAL "Hui Holomua Business Fest" conference to explore issues of importance to business leaders who strive to incorporate Hawaiian values into their businesses and those of Native Hawaiian ancestry. The annual Hui Holomua Business Fest offers a full day of expert speakers, thoughtful discussions and networking along with an exhibition of locally-owned business.
Plans are now underway to bring back this Fall's 2022's Business Fest IN-PERSON! Watch for details coming soon.


Ua Pau... (Mahalo Members)!

Excellent job selecting your Chamber leaders for FY2023 (July 1, 2022). Since the slate of nominees matched the number of open Board seats, the parliamentary procedure of vocal unanimous consent of the ballot ushered a loud and enthusiastic approval of all the nominees to the Board of Directors. As a governing body, nonprofit board of directors focuses on the organization's mission by working on strategy, setting goals and objectives, overseeing programs and activities, and actively managing risks.

We are pleased to announce that the FY2023 Board of Directors (commencing July 1, 2022) are:
  • Hoapili Ane
  • Nicole Fisher
  • Kainoa Horcajo
  • Paul Mancini
  • Ryan MacLaughlin
  • Robert "Bobby" Pahia
  • Barbara Purdy
  • Mercer "Chubby" Vicens
  • Joycelyn Victorino
  • Wayne Wong
Continuing Incumbent roles hence not on the ballot are:
  • Frank De Rego Jr -Past President
  • Melissa Padilla -President

Also passed by the membership: Additions to the MNHCoC Bylaws: Conflict of Interest and Nepotism articles/clauses. These additions fulfill bylaw requirements that many grant applications now require. The full text of the proposed amendments is available here.


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