2018 Waʻa Kiakahi (Hawaiian Sailing Canoes) -Ua Pau, Event is over...

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Ua Pau... This event is over.

Waʻa Kiakahi -2018

Waʻa Kiakahi, which is open to the public, perpetuates the ancient sport and culture of Hawaiian canoe sailing.
MNHCoC member: Auwahi Wind is sponsoring the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association event at the Ka’anapali June 1st & June 2nd. It’s important as a business to get involve preserving our culture of Hawaiian Sailing. Free event to show the next generation about Hawaiian Sailing Canoe.

Ua Pau... This event is over.
Fri June 1, Races Kahului to Kaʻanapali (Waʻa Kiakahi)
Sat June 2, Community Service Rides on Wa`a Kiakahi at Kaʻanapali Beach
Sun June 3, Kaʻanapali short races ( Maui Jim Shootout)
Ua Pau... This event is over.

(2018: Hawaii Small Business Conference) -Ua Pau, Event is Over

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Hawaii Small Biz Conference

Conference + Workshops
Ua Pau... this event is over...
For followup details: go to www.HawaiiSmall.Biz
Questions regarding this workshop may be directed to MNHCoC Board Member, Frank De Rego Jr,

Dir Business Development Projects at: info@hightechmaui.com or (808) 270-6807.