Feb 13'18 Members Meeting Maui Ocean Center

Ua Pau... this event is over. 


When:      Tuesday, February 13, beginning at 5:30 pm
Where:     Seascape Restaurant at the Maʻalaea Harbor Shops

The scenic Seascape Restaurant provided outstanding views of Maʻalaea Harbor to serve as the venue where Maui Ocean Center introduced their new concept in aquariums in planning their new Humpback Exhibit.  Their newest experience will be a more concise and "intimate" tour of the annual migration of humpbacks to Hawaiʻi that highlights their behavior at any given point of their journey. The exhibit will use laser technology and a uniquely engineered "planetarium-style" dome to provide an “immersive swim” with the Humpbacks off Maui (without ever getting wet).  Maui Ocean Center’s General Manager Tapani Vuori and Exhibit Designer Chris Masterson explained how their original corporate directive has evolved and improved through the local community sharing their cultural and scientific knowledge. Their plans and processes demonstrated a renewed dedication by Maui Ocean Center to the community, the culture, the environment and sustainability. The presentation was a wonderful "behind-the-scenes" look at the evolution of the exhibit to make it beyond just educational and entertaining but relevant and respectful to our community.

“Maui Ocean Center is successfully combining the latest scientific knowledge with timeless Hawaiian wisdom to create a new Humpback experience that appeals to all ages,” said MNHCoC president Teri Freitas Gorman. “Our chamber whole-heartedly supports this holistic approach to sharing authentic cultural awareness with our visitors, but more importantly, with our Maui youth. We know our members will be excited to hear about it.”

The unique and picturesque venue was wonderful in facilitating a networking opportunity that included an amazing Pasta Buffet Dinner and then the wonderful presentation.  

Ua Pau... this event is over.