Mar 13, 2018 Open Mic Night

Ua Pau... this event is over. 


When:      Tuesday, March 13, beginning at 5:30 pm
Where:     Maui Tropical Plantation in WaikapÅ« (Tram Station)

It was a cold and windy evening but the dedicated core group that still attended this social created a warm, bright spot at the Tram Station. Open Mic nights are always popular, where YOU and guests are the stars of the evening with the opportunity to relax, laugh, eat, drink and talk story. The theme for our 2018 Business Fest for this Fall (October), was revealed so stay tuned for more details soon.

Save the date: next General Meeting... where we'll hear and interact with the planning folks for the upcoming Wailuku Civic Hub, a significant revitalization of the town and community.  

Ua Pau... this event is over.