Aug 16 Members Mtg Michael Nahoopii -Kahoolawe Restoration

on Kahoʻolawe Restoration

When:      Ua pau...  this event has concluded.(August 16, 2018)
Where:     Nahele Room, Kahili Restaurant in Waikapū 

Mike NahoʻopiʻiMichael Nahoʻopiʻi, Executive Director of the Kahoʻolawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) will update Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce’s members on the ongoing restoration of Kahoʻolawe during a special Thursday evening event at the Kahili Golf Course Restaurant in Waikapū.

The KIRC is responsible for the restoration and sustainable management of the island until it can be transferred to a Native Hawaiian entity to manage.

“My family moved to Kihei in 1976 so we experienced windows rattling from the bombs dropped on Kahoʻolawe,” said MNHCoC president Teri Freitas Gorman. “We honor the bravery of George Helm and Kimo Mitchell who lost their lives trying to protect Kahoʻolawe. Today’s heroes include Mike Nahoʻopiʻi and the thousands of volunteers who travel to the island for the hard work of restoring the island’s native ecosystem to maintain this significant cultural reserve. We urge the community to come out and hear about KIRC’s progress.”  See Press Release for more details...

No-host cocktails and networking will begin at 5:30 pm followed by a pasta buffet dinner and presentation.  

Ua pau...  this event has concluded.