The Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce adopted the “Ko`i” as a symbol of commerce and work ethic.
Our mission as a Chamber is to promote and sustain our Hawaiian Culture, nurturing a strong community of Hawaiian Values and to enhance opportunities for success in business and education.


  1. Improve the standing of Native Hawaiians in business by cooperation, coordination, and exchange of information.
  2. Offer members benefits, information, and the opportunity to serve others.
  3.  Increase membership and involve them in the work of the chamber.
  4. Focus on the benefits available to Native Hawaiians from business, education, government, community, culture and housing.
  5. Provide leadership, counsel, and assistance in achieving these Objectives.
Board Members

Executive Committee

Chair: Teri Freitas Gorman

Members:Pua Canto, Sharron Joseph, Shirley Blackburn, Kai Pelayo

Kuleana: Provide leadership, determine board meeting agendas, serve as decision-makers in between board meetings

Communications & Member Services Committee

Co-Chairs: Cory Vicens & Wayne Wong

Members: Sharron Joseph, Ryan MacLaughlin, Kayla Al-Kaluau, Hoʻapili Ane, Kaleo Padilla, Kaimana Brummel

Kuleana: Serve our members by adding value to their membership; recruit new members; increase awareness of MNHCoC through high quality marketing and communications programs

Member Events Committee

Chair: Pua Canto

Members: Shirley Blackburn, Kai DuPonte, Shelly Maddigan, Ron Vaught

Cultural Advisors: Kahu Lyons Naone, Kimokeo Kapahulehua

Kuleana: Program, organize and produce excellent member/community events including monthly dinners/socials and the Annual Holomua Business Fest

Resource Development Committee

Chair: Kai Pelayo

Members: Chubby Vicens, Randy Piltz, Paul Mancini

Kuleana: Oversee financial performance and liaise with MNHCoC Foundation; build resources through grants, sponsorships, strategic partnerships, etc. and increase the chamber’s visibilty with civic and business leaders throughout Hawaiʻi.

Would you like to serve on a committee?

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